Why PressTake

Sometimes we take interest in a game or application and want to get more information about it.

What do most people do?

Right, read a review about the program in question.

After that, if the application hits the taste, you have to go search for it, sometimes encounter resembling software, sometimes, quite frankly, even come across garbage or malware waiting to be invited on your mobile device and steal credit card data, important documents, personal details.

This is not an exception – rather a routine case. It is not just easy to fall for the scam, but very easy.

One good practice is to install software from trusted sources only.

Suppose you’ve read a review of Stormfall: Rise of Balur on your smartphone, and liked the game. To install it, you go to Google Play or Apple Store, search through a number of applications, etc. It is not traumatic or painful, but distracting it is. Or rather was, because that was before.


Now you just scroll the review page a bit down and you’ll see the pop-up PressTake element. After it is selected the element shows a list of all applications the review mentions, and you choose the suitable one.


PressTake element does not try to be smarter than you, but it shows exactly what the webpage tells about. And thus, potentially, it displays what you really need, as long as you are interested in this particular website. If you are reading about Stormfall: Rise of Balur, it will give you the link for this very game, and the other games from this page.


It is not a banner and it does not spy on what you normally read, search or buy.


PressTake pop-up’s flow of logic is straightforward:

  1. Select the pop-up, get a list of applications automatically detected in the review.
  2. Press the button next to the application you liked (if any).
  3. Go to the store and just press “INSTALL”

Some of the advantages of the element are:

The pop-up may seem, at first, just another new chumy, but it helps not to get too distracted in the world of diversions of the mind, it simplifies the search and installations of applications, and correctly identifies the client platform: if you visit the page from your iPhone, you get the link to Apple Store. As with Android devices.

PressTake is the next step to simplify, make secure and faster the already simple operation of installing new apps.